Every contact I had with your office was wonderful. I can't imagine anything better.

– S.D., Boulder, CO (Auto Accident)

You took great care of me. You were amazing!

– S.S., Boulder, CO (Auto Accident)

I feel the treatment I received from you and your staff was superb, as was the handling of my case. I don't think I could have asked for a better attorney.

– J.K., Longmont, CO (Auto Accident)

Thank you so much, from me and my family. As always, my thanks to you for being a shining example of what it is to be a kind, charitable, honest and truly a professional man who is an inspiration to me and I am sure many others in this life.

– T.M., Ames, IA (Auto Accident)

Everyone was very kind and went to extreme measures to help me and my family. You are a great man Jerry; I…..wish the world had more people like you and the people who work in your office.

– M.K., Longmont, CO (Motorcycle Accident)

Randy - you were wonderful! Always there with any questions I had or concerns! Thanks for everything you did for me

– K.B., Sterling, CO (Personal Injury)

Jerry, you're the best. What can I say, I'll never forget you.

– T.C., Cincinnati, OH (Auto Accident)

You turned something that was very disruptive in my life into something very positive. Bless you Jerry, you are awesome!

– C.A., Lafayette, CO (Auto Accident)

Thank you for all your kindness, professionalism, and everything you did for me and my family. It is not forgotten.

– J.G., Arvada, CO (Motorcycle Accident)

The entire staff was excellent. We really felt like part of the family. We are so thankful to have found you.

– M.R. Fort Collins, CO (Auto Accident)

Randy Nicholson has the professionalism, integrity and honesty to make me proud to have him representing my interests.

– K.W., Boulder, CO (Bicycle Accident)

I greatly appreciate the time and effort you and your staff took to bring resolution for me. You have given me peace of mind.

– R.K., Gunbarrel, CO (Auto Accident)

I've had other legal matters in my life that were nightmares to get resolved. Your office did such a good job that there wasn't any need for me to stress the details; you had it all under control. Thank you!

– K.A., Golden, CO (Auto Accident)

I’ve heard about Jerry in the community for many years; your reputation as a lawyer and as a person is excellent.

– F.L., Littleton, CO (Premises Injury)

Randy was great during the mediation and deposition - he has a positive energy. You were a great help - very honest and straight forward - there were no surprises.

– G.L., Ft. Lupton, CO (Auto Accident)