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Client Testimonials

See what our clients are saying about our personal injury law services here at Sloat and Nicholson P.C.


"Every contact I had with your office was wonderful.  I can't imagine anything better."

-S.D., Boulder, CO (Auto Accident)


"You took great care of me.  You were amazing!"

-S.S., Boulder, CO (Auto Accident)


"I feel the treatment I received from you and your staff was superb, as was the handling of my case.  I don't think I could have asked for a better attorney."

-J.K., Longmont, CO (Auto Accident)


"Thank you so much, from me and my family.  As always, my thanks to you for being a shining example of what it is to be a kind, charitable, honest and truly a professional man who is an inspiration to me and I am sure many others in this life."

-T.M., Ames, IA (Auto Accident)


“Everyone was very kind and went to extreme measures to help me and my family. You are a great man Jerry; I…..wish the world had more people like you and the people who work in your office.”

-M.K., Longmont, CO (Motorcycle Accident)


"Randy - you were wonderful!  Always there with any questions I had or concerns!  Thanks for everything you did for me!"

-K.B., Sterling, CO  (Personal Injury)


"Jerry, you're the best.  What can I say, I'll never forget you."

-T.C., Cincinnati, OH  (Auto Accident)


"You turned something that was very disruptive in my life into something very positive.  Bless you Jerry, you are awesome!"

-C.A., Lafayette, CO  (Auto Accident)


"Bob you made the settlement process as stress free and positive as possible.  I appreciate how you kept me well informed of pertinent information and took time to answer all of my questions in a kind, comprehensible manner."

-S. S., Aurora, CO  80016  (Auto Accident)


"Thank you for all your kindness, professionalism, and everything you did for me and my family.  It is not forgotten."

-J.G., Arvada, CO  (Motorcycle Accident)


"The entire staff was excellent.  We really felt like part of the family.  We are so thankful to have found you."

-M.R. Fort Collins, CO  (Auto Accident)


"Randy Nicholson has the professionalism, integrity and honesty to make me proud to have him representing my interests."

-K.W., Boulder, CO (Bicycle Accident)


"I greatly appreciate the time and effort you and your staff took to bring resolution for me.  You have given me peace of mind."

-R.K., Gunbarrel, CO  (Auto Accident)


"I've had other legal matters in my life that were nightmares to get resolved.  Your office did such a good job that there wasn't any need for me to stress the details; you had it all under control.  Thank you!".

-K.A., Golden, CO (Auto Accident)


“I’ve heard about Jerry in the community for many years; your reputation as a lawyer and as a person is excellent.”

-F.L., Littleton, CO (Premises Injury)


"Randy was great during the mediation and deposition - he has a positive energy.  You were a great help - very honest and straight forward - there were no surprises."

-G.L., Ft. Lupton, CO (Auto Accident)


“I appreciate your courteous and kind, non-judgmental, professional yet heart felt attitude.”

-L.R., Boulder, CO (Pedestrian Accident)


"You were very clear in your explanations.  You were good at explaining confusing jargon in a simple way.  You were friendly, supportive and available."

-L.M., Rockaway, NJ (Auto Accident)


"Stephanie was great to work with; competent, friendly, responsive and encouraging. Smart, supportive and professional too!  Jerry I am grateful for your wisdom, help and caring.  Thanks!"

-C.S., Boulder, CO  (Auto Accident)


“Your office seems to be staffed by real pros – every time I came by I was greeted by name – again, made me feel like the only client in the shop.”

-G.S., Boulder, CO (Bicycle Accident)


"From the very beginning your office was very professional.  I always felt that my case was of equal importance as any other you were working on."

-N.F., Boulder, CO (Bicycle Accident) 


"Lydia is very nice, helpful and sincere; Susie when she answered the phone made me feel like a member of the family!  Jerry, you are thorough - you make certain that I understand every nuance - I never felt like a "case"."

-J.L., Boulder, CO (Auto Accident)


“You are all great people as well as great attorneys.”

-D.T., Nederland, CO (Insurance Dispute)   


The Law Firm of Sloat & Nicholson P.C. are experienced Boulder injury attorneys handling cases involving motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, insurance bad faith, and most other types of accident injury cases in Boulder, Longmont, Denver, and throughout the state of Colorado. Call 303-447-1144 today to discuss your case with a Boulder personal injury attorney, or simply fill out our case consultation form.

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