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Watch the Weather for Flash Flood Warnings This Summer

When it comes to the causes of auto accidents, flash floods don’t usually pop up on the radar of most motorists the same way rollovers and other accident causes do. However, the reality is that flash floods can and do occur in Colorado. Over the past few years, numerous fires have ravaged the mountains, which has left severe burn scars in the region.

When even a little rain falls on these scars, the lack of ground cover means the water flows straight into the mountain lakes and rivers below. When it does, the risk of flash floods rises, and the potential for catastrophic damage is genuine.

If you are heading into the mountains, always check the weather report and take precautions to ensure your safety. If you do find yourself in a flash flood, avoiding the following “do nots” just might save your life:

  • Don’t Ignore Evacuation Orders. If the Sheriff, CSP, NPS, NWS or other government agency orders an evacuation of the area, heed the warning and leave quickly.
  • Don’t Tune Out the Weather Report. Listen to the weather report and head toward a higher elevation or designated safe area.
  • Don’t Challenge Barricades. If the road is closed, don’t attempt to move the barricade and drive through. Turn around and find an alternate road.
  • Don’t Think the Bridge Is Safe. Fast-moving water can undermine bridge foundations. It’s best to not cross it.
  • Don’t Assume Standing Water Is Shallow. What may look like a puddle could be several feet or deeper. Further, all it takes to hydroplane is .3 centimeters of water under your tires.
  • Don’t Swim for It. If you’re surrounded by water, don’t attempt to get out and swim. You’re safer in the vehicle than outside of it. However, the caveat to this is if the water is rising within the vehicle. If so, try and get to the roof and await rescue.
  • Don’t Assume A Bigger Vehicle Is Safer. You have every right to be proud of your SUV or motor home. Just remember that a fast-flowing flood can move boulders several times the weight of your vehicle.

We hope you have a fun and fabulous summer. However, if your vacation plans turn awry and you experience any of the many causes of car accidents, contact the team at Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C. at (303) 447-1144, and we’ll be happy to discuss your claim with you.

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Articles and information to keep you up to date on personal injury news.

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