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The Boulder Community Mourns the Loss of Our Neighbors, Friends, and Colleagues

Coloradans have experienced more than our share of violent gun crimes in the past few decades. Columbine High School in 1999. The Century 16 in Aurora in 2012. And, now, the King Soopers at Table Mesa Drive in Boulder. The damages caused by these horrific incidents continue to reverberate throughout the country. As with previous tragedies that have caused so many wrongful deaths, our community has come together to support those directly impacted by these events. If you would like to help, the following are some of the ways we recommend assisting.

GoFundMe – GoFundMe has established a verified list of campaigns for the surviving family members of those who were injured or lost their lives in the shooting. These include general campaigns and campaigns specifically for Officer Eric Talley, Denny Stong, Lynn Murray, Tralona Bartkowiak, Maggie Montoya, Rikki Olds, Neven Stanisic, and Logan Ezra Smith. If you do plan to donate to a GoFundMe campaign, please be careful and only donate to those campaigns that are verified.

The Colorado Healing Fund – Colorado Gives works hard to fill in the gaps where other services fall short. They have a secure portal that individuals can use to donate to the organization. The victim’s service organizations they work with provide everything from medical and mental healthcare to legal representation and social services.

Boulder County Crisis Fund – The Community Foundation of Boulder County is a partnership with 9News, the City of Boulder, The Denver Foundation, and many others. They will distribute resources to victims and surviving family members as needed.

Finally, if you see something, don’t hesitate to say something and take action before the next tragedy occurs. Colorado’s ‘red flag law‘ is just over a year old. Since passage, judges in Colorado have used it 46 times to prevent dangerous and mentally unstable individuals from owning or possessing firearms. Additionally, encourage your friends and loved ones to seek mental healthcare, and don’t hesitate to seek help for yourself. Colorado Crisis Services provides online support and counseling 24/7/365.

The wrongful death attorneys at Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover are Boulder Strong, and we stand alongside our incredible community as we heal from these events and the damages they have caused. For assistance and for more information about the ways you can help, contact our team at (303) 447-1144.

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Articles and information to keep you up to date on personal injury news.

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