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How to Keep Fifi and Fido out of Trouble in Boulder

It’s never fun to end up on the wrong side of the law. If you want to stay out of the doghouse, it is important to know the safety regulations regarding dogs in the City of Boulder and surrounding communities. The Centers for Disease Control estimates there are roughly 4.7 million dog bites a year in the United States. Of these, 800,000 require medical care. While your lil Fifi or Fido may like you, they may not get along so well with people and pets they encounter in the community. Following the regulations will help keep them safe, and help keep you from ending up as a defendant in a dog bite lawsuit.

Open Space and Mountain Parks

There are different regulations regarding OSMP lands depending on which trails you are on. With over 155 miles to explore, it’s advisable to read up on the rules before you head out for a walk. Most require dogs to be on a leash, or at a minimum wear a voice and sight tag on off-leash trails. Owners must also pick up the poop their pets deposit, and at no times are pets allowed to engage with livestock or wildlife.

City of Boulder

City of Boulder regulations state that dogs must be on a leash at all times unless they are at home. All dogs older than four months must be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian, and these shots need to be kept current at the respective one and three year marks. Dogs must be licensed at four months if they live in city limits and wear the license at all times. Aggressive breeds are prohibited, and waste must be removed from public areas. Boulder follows a doctrine of strict liability and owners are responsible for any injuries their pet causes.

Boulder Reservoir

Dogs are not allowed at Boulder Reservoir between May 15th and Labor Day. Outside of these prohibited periods, dogs can enter the park subject to the same rules and leash laws that apply in the City of Boulder including those that require removal of waste.

We invite you to contact Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C. at (303) 447-1144 for more information about pet safety regulations in Boulder. It’s our pleasure to answer your questions so that you and Fido can explore the area without getting a stern lecture or citation from law enforcement.

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Articles and information to keep you up to date on personal injury news.

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