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Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits For A Truck Accident

A truck accident can be a really scary and horrific situation to be in, especially if they are accidents that involve larger 18 wheeler commercial vehicles. These incidents are not only frightening, but can cause the most damage both physically and emotionally. These accidents are also the worst types of accidents because the damages are irreparable and can cause injuries that will last a lifetime, resulting in a financial burden on you or your family due to medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, and more.


When you’ve been involved in a truck accident it can be difficult to figure out if you should handle the case on your own via the insurance company or if you should call a truck accident lawyer. In order to figure out if you need a truck accident lawyer, go through the list below. if you answer yes to 1 or more of the questions, it may be time to call a lawyer to help:

– Did the truck accident cause you serious injury? Did that serious injury lead to hospitalization, therapy or surgery?

– Did the accident cause you permanent injuries such as disfigurement, burns, loss of limbs, or even paralysis?

– Did the truck accident involve other vehicles or other people?

– When the accident happened, did it happen in a construction zone or during construction hours?

– Are you having issues with the insurance company? Have they hired a legal team for their own defense?


  • Take Pictures

While this is the most useful type of evidence, you aren’t always able to immediately take pictures of the scene. However, if you are able to, you should! If you cannot or you are too injured to do so, hopefully, someone else will have enough tact to take pictures for your case.

  • Visit A Doctor

If you’ve been injured you were probably already taken to the hospital. If not, you need to go immediately after an accident. This will ensure you don’t have any major injuries such as broken bones, internal bleeding or a concussion, plus will be an important part of the medical evidence for legal reasons.

  • Document Medical Expenses

The hospital should be able to give you a list of all the medications, procedures and surgeries needed for treatment while you were at the hospital, as well as how much each one cost. Keep track of your medical prescriptions because if you do hire a lawyer, all of these itemized lists will aid in figuring out what compensation you should be owed for your accident.

You should keep tabs on any out-of-patient care you need. If you need to go to therapy make a note of this in your records and ask the hospital or the rehabilitation center to give you records about your rehab, why you need it, what types of rehab you are doing, etc.

  • Keep A Medical Folder

Keep all of the medical information records and bills in a folder and organized for when you need to access it in the future or when you need to give them to your lawyer.

Reaching a settlement in a trucking accident can be a long drawn-out situation. But, if you have a lawyer, you have someone who can help you through your accident and help you make wise decisions when it comes to the case and the settlement. If you need a truck accident lawyer or have questions about your rights in a trucking accident contact Sloat & Nicholson at 1-800-873-3202 for a free consultation.

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