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Teen Drivers And Colorado Car Accident Facts

Teenagers, more than any other age bracket, face the highest risk of endangering themselves and others. These teens are usually brand new drivers between the age of 16 years old and 19 years old.


One of the biggest reasons a teenager would be involved in a Colorado car accidents simply because of the inexperience of the driver. While speeding is also another big reason, so are things like tailgating, and other distractions. In fact, texting and driving is one of the more common reasons for accidents.


According to the American Automobile Association, 50% of all teens admit to texting while driving. While texting might not seem like a big deal, it is. There are 3 main types of distractions while driving. They include:

– Visual – Taking your eyes off of the road. Whether this is because of looking down at a phone, trying to get something from under the passenger seat, or even getting something out of your purse, visual distractions are very common.

– Manual – A manual distraction happens when you, as the driver, take your hands off of the wheel. It only takes a second for you to lose control.

– Cognitive – Forgetting what you’re doing.

Texting while driving is so dangerous, that it actually falls into all of the categories above. Many states have actually banned talking or texting while driving. The only way you’re allowed to talk or text is via voice control.


Beyond just banning talking or texting while driving to reduce a Colorado car accident, states like Colorado have also introduced a 3 stage licensing system.

The 3 stages include: A learners permit which allows a beginning driver to drive only if someone else in the car has a license. A learners permit which allows the new driver to drive alone but only under certain circumstances ie; they are not allowed to drive after the sun has gone down. Then, a full-fledged drivers license which allows them to drive on their own.

States that have implemented the 3 stage restriction program have seen their crash rates reduced from 10-30%. The states include:

California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.


While it’s great to teach your kids to drive – it allows for independence and it teaches them responsibility, it’s also important as a parent to make sure your kids understand the laws and all those “what if” situations should they arise. One of the better ways to teach your kids all of these laws and get little tidbits of information is to allow them to take a driving class.

These programs last anywhere from a week to several months. Not only are they helpful in teaching your kids how to drive, but it gives a nervous youngster more confidence.

Driving schools do cost money, and they all cost different amounts – some might give your child a discount if they are in school, while others charge for weekly or monthly programs. Some of the best driving schools in Colorado for teen drivers are:

Master Drive (Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Loveland)

Drive Safe Colorado (Denver-Metro)

Boulder Driving Academy (Boulder)

Excel in Driving (Denver-Metro)

It is important to avoid being part of a Colorado car accident. This is why it is not only is it important that your kids drive safely for their own benefit, but also for other drivers on the road as well.

In the event someone in your family is involved in a Colorado car accident, contact Sloat & Nicholson at 1-800-873-3202 for a Free Consultation.

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