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Understanding Employer Liability for Ladder Failures

Ladder failures and worker errors are common causes of falls from heights in the workplace. In 2017, 34,000 people died in falls and 8,700,000 more suffered personal injuries. Many of these occur on the worksite and while people perform work on their homes. From 2011 to 2016, 3,273 workers lost their lives in falls from heights. Ladder accidents are preventable and employers in Colorado have a duty of care that requires protecting employees from harm. Those who don’t take precautions bear significant employer liability for the personal injuries including spinal injuries, wrongful deaths, and property damage that result from their negligent actions.

Causes of Ladder Falls

Ladders can falter and fail for any number of reasons. The ladder can be positioned against the wall at the wrong angle. This is responsible for nearly 40% of ladder-related injuries. The ladder can be too short for the required job, or it can have an insufficient weight rating. With age, ladders wear out and parts failures can cause the ladder to crumple and collapse.

Keeping Workers Safe From Harm

Employers can protect their workers by following a few simple steps on the worksite. These include the following:

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Articles and information to keep you up to date on personal injury news.

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