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A classic car that got damages.

What To Do When Your Classic Car Suffers Catastrophic Damage

You’ve worked hard to restore your classic car. Whether it’s a Model A, Mustang, Porsche, or another ride, your labor and love have restored it to glory and kept it roadworthy. But that doesn’t mean it is invincible, and while you have rescued it from Mother Nature’s clutches, you can’t always protect it from the distracted driver, the drunk driver, or the inexperienced driver. So when your beloved beauty suffers a ding, dent, scratch, or more severe damage, it can present unique challenges, and it’s essential to prepare for the road ahead.

The Immediate Aftermath

The steps you will take in the immediate aftermath of a car crash are the same for any car accident. Check yourself for injuries, receive medical care, document the damage, collect the contact information of witnesses, and call your insurance provider.

The Long Road Ahead

Classic cars are different than modern passenger vehicles. Parts are harder to find, they are more expensive, and knowledgeable specialists are few and far between. In addition, the older and rarer the vehicle, the more difficult it is to find a specialist who can properly restore the vehicle. And, this is where you are likely to run into battles with insurance providers.

Remember, you have the right to choose which car repair shop and which technicians you want to perform the necessary repairs. You most certainly can object to the use of substandard replacement parts, and you are within your rights to insist upon the use of the appropriate parts. This includes engine components, body panels, windows, and other elements designed specifically for your vehicle. You do not have to settle for the insurance provider’s preferred provider or repair solution.

Always request a full physical inspection of the vehicle from both the insurance appraiser and a qualified mechanical expert with experience on the make and model. This is vital, because a mechanical expert can spot and identify issues that the insurance appraiser may miss or fail to recognize.

And, if your classic car has reached the end of the road, don’t forget that if you have an Agreed Value car insurance policy, you are covered to the maximum agreed-upon value of the vehicle if you suffer a total loss.

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Articles and information to keep you up to date on personal injury news.

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