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At Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C. we use our experience in handling accident cases to investigate every possible contributing cause of an accident to ensure that you will receive full compensation for your injuries.

Evaluating all of the facts involved in the cause of a motor vehicle accident requires skill and experience. Our Boulder car accident lawyers will take over the investigation of your case so that you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

We can assist you in finding an appropriate medical specialist to treat you and your bodily injury claim; and we can make arrangements with your medical care providers to wait for payment until your case is resolved through settlement or trial.

What Can a Boulder Car Accident Lawyer Do for You?

Contacting a knowledgeable attorney immediately after your Boulder car crash is the best way to protect your rights. At Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C., we begin strategizing with you right away. We will also:

  • Advise you of all of your rights and options;
  • Explain the relevant laws applicable to your case;
  • Start investigating your claim right away by collecting police reports, preserving evidence from the scene, taking witness statements, and obtaining medical records;
  • Assess the need to hire expert witnesses to reconstruct your accident for the jury or to provide critical medical testimony;
  • Negotiate aggressively for a full settlement with insurance companies; and
  • Take your case to trial if the insurance company refuses to offer a reasonable settlement amount.

It is our duty to ensure you understand every step of your car accident claims process and to put you in the best position to receive proper compensation.

Injured In A Car Accident?

You deserve to receive compensation for your damages. Contact the Boulder car accident lawyers at Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover today.

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Common Causes of Accidents

Car wrecks happen for numerous reasons. Sometimes car accidents occur because more than one driver acted negligently. We have handled car accident cases involving:

  • Drunk or drugged driving,
  • Drowsy driving,
  • Reckless driving,
  • Texting,
  • Failing to obey signs,
  • Running red lights or stop signs,
  • Immaturity or inexperience,
  • Defective vehicles or vehicle parts, 
  • Failing to stop or yield,
  • Speeding,
  • Changing lanes improperly, 
  • Improper turns,
  • Aggressive driving,
  • Road rage, and
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road.

Also, it’s possible that more than one party is liable for your injuries. Pursuing all responsible parties responsible gives you the best chance to receive a complete settlement. Even if your accident involved only your vehicle, your Boulder car accident attorney could explore various avenues of recovery if someone caused you to crash without ever hitting your car. 

Common Injuries in Boulder Car Accidents

A violent collision exerts immense forces on the human body. The forces of even a low-speed crash can cause traumatic, life-altering injuries. Our firm has handled a wide variety of car accidents involving injuries such as:

Given our vast experience, the chances are good that we have handled a case similar to yours.

Damages You Could Recover

Damage awards vary because each situation is as unique as the people involved. Typically, our firm seeks compensation for  damages such as:

  • Wrongful death;
  • Medical expenses;
  • Rehabilitation costs;
  • Lost income or wages;
  • Loss of future income, wages, or earning capacity;
  • Property repairs;
  • Permanent injuries or scarring; and
  • Pain and suffering

You could also seek punitive damages in rare cases where the defendant acted in a particularly egregious manner or with malicious intent. 

We want to do everything we can to maximize your financial recovery. That’s why we closely examine your case and explore all possible options. We can also investigate claims that your spouse and children might have, such as loss of consortium and companionship. 

Remember that you have the burden to prove damages in your case. Our lawyers know how to calculate your losses and prove how severely your accident disrupted your life and your family’s lives. 

Limitations on Damages: Comparative Negligence

Insurance companies often try to limit their liability by arguing that you—as the victim—were at least partially responsible for the crash. Despite insurance companies’ best efforts, you can recover damages even if you might have made a mistake that contributed to the accident. 

In Colorado, sharing fault does not entirely bar recovery. Under common law, a person who was 1% negligent would lose their case even though the other party was 99% at fault. The good news is that Colorado law is not as strict as common law.

Instead, Colorado law uses a modified comparative negligence scheme that allows you to recover damages if you are less at fault than the defendant. If so, you will receive an award reduced by your percentage of fault.

Colorado Comparative Negligence Example

Here’s a real-life example. Suppose a jury found the defendant to be 75% at fault and the plaintiff to be 25% at fault for the car accident. Further, suppose that the jury awarded the plaintiff a total of $100,000 in damages. Under Colorado’s comparative negligence law, the plaintiff’s award must be reduced by 25%, so they would receive $75,000 in compensation.

Statute of Limitations

Colorado law also imposes a time limit within which you must file or have your claim forever barred. The statute of limitations for injuries sustained in car accidents is three years. Therefore, you have three years from the date of your accident to file a case in court, or you lose your right to collect damages.

And while three years might seem like a long time, there is a great deal of work that your lawyer must do before filing a case in court—like gathering evidence while it’s still fresh and negotiating a settlement with the defendant’s insurance company. 

So don’t wait to contact a reputable Boulder car accident lawyer with extensive experience winning car accident claims. We will protect your rights and ensure that you do not lose out on your chance to recover damages for your auto accident injuries. 

3 Reasons Why You Need a Boulder Car Accident Attorney

While you may feel confident in your ability to handle your case without professional help, you’ll soon realize that presenting an injury claim requires a lot of hard work and legal expertise.

When you should be working your way back from painful disabilities, you’ll have to comply with insurance adjuster requests. Before you see a single dime of settlement money, there is a long list of procedures and issues to follow through. It will be your job to contact doctors for bills and reports. Taking care of a serious injury case on your own involves focus on investigation, evaluation, and negotiation. Instead of taking on these new challenges, you should be working on your personal recovery.

When you are seriously injured, your financial future depends on obtaining adequate compensation for your injuries. You have a lot at stake. That’s why it’s important to seek help from a Boulder car accident attorney before you make a critical mistake. Here are 3 additional reasons to consider.

1. Liability Issues

Accidents often involve liability issues that can be difficult to resolve. Colorado’s comparative negligence statute plays a key role in liability assessments. You must determine whether or not you contributed to the circumstances which caused the accident and how it may affect the compensation you receive for your injuries.

2. Dealing with Insurance Companies and Adjusters

When you have a serious injury claim, the other driver’s insurance company adjuster will call and may want to visit your home. It’s an adjuster’s job to clear up any liability issues, so they must record your statement. If you are nervous, you may provide inaccurate or ambiguous answers that can sabotage your claim. The insurance company might not refuse to pay, but they could push for a lower settlement than you deserve.

Boulder car accident attorneys deal with the same insurance companies on a regular basis. Their liability adjusters understand that attorneys are professionals at investigating, evaluating, and negotiating auto injury claims. Adjusters realize they can’t get away with bad faith tactics when they are dealing with legal professionals. They are less likely to deny a legitimate claim or play lowball settlement games.

3. Calculating Damages

When you’re injured, you know the pain, disabilities, and scarring you are forced to endure, but do you know their economic value? Injury claims don’t have one-size-fits-all evaluations. If two different people sustain the same injury, the settlement value will be different due to a wide range of factors. Attorneys research your injuries to understand how they affect you. They establish an accurate value before presenting your claim.

Contact Our Trust Boulder Car Accident Lawyers

If you are looking for a car accident lawyer in Boulder, you have many choices. Selecting the right attorney could be a seemingly impossible task. Let us show you why we are the right choice for you.

At Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C., we understand the multiple ways that your accident negatively impacted your life. You might be out of work while unexpected medical bills are piling up. The stress of trying to find a way to pay all of your monthly expenses on top of the medical bills—all while being unable to work—can be overwhelming. 

We want you to focus on your physical and emotional recovery while we put our vast experience to work on your behalf. Our Boulder car accident lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience winning cases for people like you.

To date, we have won over $100 million for our clients. An award-winning Boulder car accident attorney from our firm will evaluate your claim and vigorously pursue every avenue of recovery to ensure you recover full and fair compensation for your injuries. Contact us today.

Our experienced lawyers also handle clients with other types of cases, including:


In all matters involving personal injury it is essential that measures be taken promptly to preserve evidence, investigate the accident in question, and file a lawsuit prior to the deadline imposed by the Statute of Limitations. If you or a loved one is a victim of personal injuries, call Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C. now at 800-873-3202 or submit a simple Case Review Form. The initial consultation is free of charge, and if we agree to accept your case, we will work on a Contingent Fee basis, which means we get paid for our services only if there is a monetary award or recovery of funds. Don’t delay! You may have a valid claim and be entitled to compensation for your injuries, but a lawsuit must be filed before the statute of limitations expires.

The above is not legal advice. That can only come from a qualified attorney who is familiar with all the facts and circumstances of a particular, specific case and the relevant law.