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Prevent Boulder Bicycle Accidents by Knowing the Law

Boulder bicycle accidents are much more serious than car accidents due to the fact that a person riding a bike is more vulnerable than someone driving a car. This is why it’s important that drivers pay close attention to any bicycles on the road. Driving carelessly could endanger their lives. However, bicyclists need to make sure that they follow the law since they too are responsible for sharing the road safely.


The following are state laws that all bicyclists should follow in order to help prevent potential Boulder bicycle accidents:

  • If you are riding a bicycle on the road, you must follow the same laws a driver has to follow. For example, you have to come to a full stop at stop signs and red lights.
  • Bicycles that were not intended for use for more than one person cannot be used for more than one person while on the road. This means that you can’t bike around Boulder with someone sitting on your handlebars or on the backside of your bike.
  • If you are riding a bike, then you cannot hitch a ride with a motor vehicle in anyway. For example, you can’t hold onto the bed of a pickup truck while on a bike so that you don’t have to pedal.
  • If you are sharing the road with other bicyclists, you generally must bike single file. The only exception, if you’re not impeding traffic, you can stick to a designated bike lane or you’re able to bike two abreast within a single lane.
  • You must use the right-hand lane while on a bike to allow other traffic to pass safely. The only time it’s okay to bike in the left-hand lane is if you plan on making a turn.
  • You must keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.
  • If you are stopping or turning, you are required to signal your intention to the traffic around you.
  • You must yield the right of way to pedestrians on crosswalks and sidewalks.

These are the official biking laws in Colorado. Abiding by them will help prevent Boulder bicycle accidents.


If you follow the official biking laws in Colorado and get into a biking accident in Boulder due to the fault of another bicyclist or driver, immediately contact a bicycle accident attorney. An experienced and reputable bicycle accident attorney will be able to help you with the following:

  • An attorney can focus on all legal matters on your behalf, thereby allowing you to focus on recovering from any injuries you experienced.
  • An attorney will be able to determine who should be held liable for the bicycle accident.
  • An attorney will be able to figure out how much a fair settlement should be by taking into account the medical costs of your injuries, the cost of damages to your bike, lost wages, potential future costs, future disabilities and any pain or suffering you are experiencing.
  • An attorney will help build your case by looking over police reports and speaking with eyewitnesses. They will be able to take your case to court if necessary.

If you were in a Boulder bicycle accident and experienced injuries or damage to your bike as a result, contact an experienced bicycle accident attorney at Sloat & Nicholson by calling 1-800-873-3202 today.

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