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Nothing is more traumatic than losing a loved one due to the wrongful conduct of another. Unfortunately, these avoidable tragedies occur often in Colorado. Spouses, heirs, and beneficiaries of those who have died due to someone else’s wrongful acts have the legal right to seek compensation in a wrongful death claim. While this compensation cannot replace your loved one, it can help you address the financial impact of their passing. 

At Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C., our award-winning attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience. We also provide compassionate support to every client who seeks our help. If you have endured a tragedy, we can evaluate your case and help hold negligent parties accountable.

What Is a Wrongful Death Claim?

A wrongful death claim is a civil claim family members can bring under Colorado law against the party whose wrongful conduct  caused the death of their loved one. Although nothing can bring back a lost loved one, a wrongful death claim aims to compensate the deceased’s family for the expenses and losses related to their loved one’s death.

What Situations Can Give Rise to a Wrongful Death Claim?

Many different accidents and incidents can give rise to a wrongful death claim, including:


The viability of your wrongful death claim depends on the facts of your case. A Longmont wrongful death attorney can review your situation to see if a wrongful death claim is warranted.

Who Can Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim?

Not everyone is eligible to file a wrongful death claim for their loved one, due to limitations set by Colorado law. In the first year after the death, the surviving spouse has the opportunity to file the claim. If the spouse gives written permission, the deceased’s heirs may file a wrongful death claim. If the deceased had no spouse, their heirs or designated beneficiary may bring the wrongful death claim.

Sometimes, no wrongful death action is filed in the first year. In the second year after the deceased’s death, the following parties may file a wrongful death claim:

  • Spouse,
  • Heirs, or
  • Designated beneficiary.

The father or mother may file a wrongful death claim if the deceased is unmarried and has no children. This includes the adoptive parents of the deceased.

What Damages Are Available in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Damages in a wrongful death claim are given to the surviving family members. They aim to compensate them for the loss and financial stress of losing their loved one. You can recover economic and noneconomic damages associated with the wrongful death. Economic damages are quantifiable expenses resulting from your loved one’s death. They commonly include the loss of your loved one’s financial contribution to the household or income. Also included are the funeral and burial expenses of your loved one.

Noneconomic expenses for wrongful death claims include losses such as:

  • Pain and suffering caused to the family members by the loss
  • Grief,
  • Emotional stress,
  • Loss of companionship and emotional support

At Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C., our Longmont wrongful death attorneys can evaluate your case and calculate the appropriate amount of damages for your wrongful death claim.

How Long Do You Have to Bring a Wrongful Death Claim in Colorado?

Colorado law has a two-year statute of limitations for wrongful death claims. The clock starts to tick on the date of your loved one’s death, not the incident that caused their death. For example, suppose your loved one was severely injured in a dog bite incident. After two weeks in the hospital, your loved one dies of an infection caused by the dog bite. The two-year deadline does not run on the date of the incident. The two-year clock starts ticking the day your loved one dies.

We know losing a loved one is difficult. However, it is imperative to contact a Longmont wrongful death attorney as quickly as possible. This is an important deadline. If you do not file before the two years expire, you are generally barred from bringing your wrongful death claim.

Why Choose Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C.?

At Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C., our attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience in helping personal injury victims. And personal injury cases are all we handle. So our legal team is entirely devoted to achieving justice for the wronged residents of our beloved community. We will handle everything in your case from start to finish so you can focus on your family and getting your life back together. 

In addition to our passion for justice, we strive to give back to our community. At Sloat, Nicholson & Hoover, P.C., we support several community programs, including:

  • Boulder County’s Community Food Share,
  • Boulder County Safe House,
  • Emergency Family Assistance Association,
  • Boulder Community Hospital, 
  • Grief Support Network, and 
  • The I Have a Dream Foundation.

In addition to Longmont, we serve residents in Boulder, Lafayette, and throughout Colorado.

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